My bright future

My bright future

by Katharina Wiesinger


I 'm Kathi and I want to inspire young people with my dream job. My dream job is to be a kindergarten teacher. As a kindergarten teacher you have to be patient and calm with the kids. Your main task is to play with the children. Before I forget, you have to be good at playing the guitar, because the kids love singing.


If this job is something for you there are two ways to qualify for the job. The first way is to go to BAFEP, that's a school with a diploma. But you also do another school for three years, called ABZ, to become an assistant in a kindergarten.


I would say that the working hours are great because you work five days a week. The weekends you don't work and I think that's great. A big disadvantage is that you are normally not allowed to take a day off because you have the weekends off.


I would love to become a kindergarten teacher and I am looking forward to my future.




My dream job

by Miriam Wolfersberger


My name is Miriam and I am really interested in being a farmer. In this job I have to be motivaated to work in the fields and with animals, but I don't want to have any animals, I just want to work on fields as I am not really a person who likes animals. In this job you have to do a lot of physical work so I have to be good at that.


The pros and cons in this job are that you sometimes don't earn much money and you have to work long hours but I like being outside, do physical work and I don't really need to be social.


I have to attend a school in order to become a farmer. I will do five years of education to become a farmer but I could also do only three years. And I need to get a tractor driving licence.



My dream job

by Jasmin Ziegler


My name is Jasmine and my dream job is police officer. I wanted to be a police officer since I was nine years old. I want to help people who can't protect themselves or their families. That's why I want to do this job. My mom says that if I want to do this job then I should do it.


There are a lot of tasks to do but I tell you only about the main things. The most important thing to do is to protect the people in your country. You have to regulate traffic and you also have to do office work after something had happened. What I am most looking forward to is solving crimes. The skills you need to be good in this job are numerous. You have to be good with people but you also have to be sporty and confident. There are a lot of pros and cons but the salary is good. A lot of people don't like working at night, so that could be a con.


You can become a police officer when you study a lot and work for your goals.



My dream job

by Hannah Schramm


My dream job is veterinarian. I would like to do this job because I want to help pets and animals.


In this job you have to work thoroughly and it's very important to stay calm in stressful situations because you are in charge of the life of an animal. Communication skills are really important for a vet as you have to communicate with the owners and sometimes even with the sick animal. You should be interested in medicine and anatomy for this job because you have to study all of this at university. You need to work really hard to pass all the exams you have to take.


In my opinion the pros of this job are that you have a good salary but of course the money you earn is not the most important reason for doing or choosing a job. Nevertheless I would like to earn good money one day. In this job you are able to grow and I think this is a pro, too.


I think the cons of becoming a vet are that sometimes you have to tell the owners that their pet won't make it. The job can be sad but when an animal gets well again you know that you 've done a good job.



Dream job

by Julian Mittermüller


Work as an electrician and you will earn lots of money and then you can spend it on nice things.


If you want to be an electrician you have to deal with complex tasks and you also do a lot with electricity. To do the job like that you have to work with your hands and eyes and be interested in electricity and you shouldn't mind working in different places not just in your workshop.


Some pros of the job are that you get a good salary and you don't work nights and some cons are for example that you sometimes need to wear protective clothing which can be very uncomfortable but it's a very safe job.


You can work as an electrician after finishing a high school diploma or you do an apprenticeship. It's just a great job.



My dream job

by Leonie Haim


When I leave this school I want to go to prevocational school and then I do an apprenticeship as an electrician so that I can go to the professional fire department later because I 'd like to become a firefighter.


If you want to become a firefighter, you have to be good at Maths, German, Physics and Chemistry and you have to be very athletic. You must be 18 years old and you have to know all the firefighting basics.


I think it is a very interesting job because you never know what's going to happen on your shift. Anyway, there are always lots of different tasks to do during a shift, for example repairing equipment or cooking for the other firefighters. It is a great job because you earn well and you often have days off for yourself as you always have a 24 hours shift and that is very exhausting.